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July 26, 2012
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Fenrir also known as Fenrisúlfr, or "Fenris wolf", was known as a monstrous black wolf..

Fenrir is the son of the god Loki, and the giantess Angrboða..
And the brother of Hel (His sister) and Jörmungandr (his brother)..

At birth, Fenrir and his siblings were taken from their parents, and then separated from one another..
Fenrir's Serpent brother Jörmungandr was tossed into the great ocean that encircles Midgard (a realm outside of our earth & space..)
And Fenrir's sister Hel was thrown into literally hell.. (Where she ended up ruling over..)
As for Fenrir himself, he was brought to the home of the gods, where he could be watched over, and hopefully tamed..

As a young cub, all the gods thought Fenrir was extremely cute and would always stroke him affectionately, they'd even give him tasty pieces of meat, and laughed at his cuteness..
But as time passed and Fenrir quickly grew older, his cute cub's body was replaced with muscle and his milk teeth were replaced with razor sharp fangs.. And his claws could slice nearly anything into ribbons..
At this point the gods began to fear Fenrir, they started to keep their distant from him, and at one point took away his freedom by trying to contain him in a cage..

As time passed Fenrir easily out grew the cage and could not be confined in it any longer..
The only god whom was brave enough to come near Fenrir was the god "Týr" (The Norse god of war..)..
One day Týr went to see Fenrir, at his surprise Fenrir was as big as a ox, Tyr than offered to play a game with Fenrir..

The game was that Týr would chain Fenrir up with a chain called "Leyding", this was a game of strength, to see if Fenrir was strong enough to break from it..
Simple enough Fenrir flexed his muscles and Leyding shattered to pieces..

Afterwards, Týr went to the king of gods "Odin" and explained about Fenrir's strength..
Odin then went to see the Norns..
Now, the Norns are female beings who rule the destiny of gods and men, a kind of dísir comparable to the Fates in Greek mythology.
The thing about the Norns is that they can prophesize a future, but most importantly they're very tricky and tell things in a riddles.
In simple to sum up the Norns, making a deal with one of them doesn't always end exactly well..

ANYWAYS! When Odin went to see the Norns, they prophesied that one day Fenrir would be the reason for the end of the gods, as well as the end of the world!
(But remember what I said! They talk in riddles and they never did quite say why or how he ended up doing so..)

On hearing this prophecy, Odin gathered the gods and together they decided something needed to be done to Fenrir to ensure this did not happen!
They then said that Týr was probably exaggerating about Fenrir, and that he just probably didn't chain Fenrir up properly..
And so they got a much stronger/thicker chain easily twice as strong as Leyding, called "Dromi".

This time all the gods came a long to see Týr bind Fenrir, to ensure he did it right..
This time, Fenrir had grown to be as big as a Viking Battle ship!
The gods watched while keeping their distance from the great wolf..

The gods asked Fenrir to try the new chain, and that should he break this, Fenrir would achieve great fame for his strength. Fenrir considered that the chain was very strong, yet also that his strength had grown since he broke Leyding, and so Fenrir allowed himself to be chained..

Fenrir laid there relaxing while the gods chained him up, once they were all done, Fenrir stood up and shook himself, once again Dromi shattered to pieces..
The gods were shocked, and for accomplishing this, Fenrir gave a smirk and walked off..

The gods started to fear that they would not be able to bind Fenrir, and so Odin sent Freyr's messenger "Skírnir" down into the land of Svartálfaheimr to "some dwarfs" and had them make a fetter called "Gleipnir". The dwarves constructed Gleipnir from six mythical ingredients.

- The sound of a cat's footfall
- The beard of a woman
- The roots of a mountain
- The sinews of a bear
- The breath of a fish
- The spittle of a bird

Anyways The Dwarves told the messenger Skírnir to come back in one month, in which the new chain would be complete..
After one month the messenger Skírnir returned, what he was given, surprised him!
The Dwarves gave him a soft silky Ribbon!!!
The Dwarves let him go on for a little, before telling him to shut up and explained that it was a special magical ribbon!
Having nothing else he could do, Skírnir returned to the gods, and on returning all the gods started to say that the messenger Skírnir was conned!
A big argument broke out between the now panic filled gods, as they argued with one another..
At this point Odin stepped up and told them to silence themselves.. For Odin knew the reputation of the Dwarves and knew that they were famous for their work..

The gods then went to Fenrir and asked him to come along with them to the lake "Amsvartnir"..
To their surprise Fenrir was now bigger then a massive Dragon!
Ignoring their surprise of his size, they told him they were going to have a great feast! And that the food there was extremely delicious!
At this point, Fenrir felt that he had grown so big and powerful that he didn't need to fear any god, and so he agreed to come along..
Fenrir to accompany them, and continued to the island called "Lyngvi"..

True to their word, they started cooking meat and drinking wine, Fenrir turned to them and said he preferred his meat raw and not burnt, and so he went to hunt his own..
The gods watched in shock to see Fenrir stalk and eat down over 20 cows (or some kind of cattle that lived on that island..)
When the gods and Fenrir finished eating for the most part, the gods then showed Fenrir the ribbon Gleipnir, they then told him that they came across this ribbon and that none of the gods can break it, and then asked Fenrir if he'd be up for playing another game?

Fenrir looked at Gleipnir and said, "This would hardly be benefiting to my reputation, so I'll pass.."
The gods then tried to tease him, saying that he's just afraid that he can't break it..
Fenrir could sense that the gods were up to something and hesitated, but then Odin stepped in and said "Oh come on Fenrir be a sport! If you can break this, you'll prove to be stronger then any god, and if you cannot break this little ribbon, it will give the gods a reason not to fear you, and so if you cannot break free, we'll free you.."

With his pride on the line, Fenrir hesitatingly agreed..
But said "On the condition that one of you, would place their hand in his mouth as a pledge that this is done in good faith, and that I will be released afterwards.."

With this statement, all of the gods look to one another, finding themselves in a dilemma. Everyone refused to place their hand in Fenrir's mouth until Týr put out his right hand and placed it into the wolf's jaws.

After the gods finished binding Fenrir with Gleipnir, Fenrir tried to break free, but the more he struggled the more Gleipnir got tighter and bit into his flesh!
The pain was so intense at times, Fenrir ended up giving out a whimper.. After a few minutes of trying to break free, Fenrir gave up, and asked to be released..
On seeing that Fenrir could not break free the gods laughed at him and patted one another on the back, all cheering except for Týr whom knew what was coming next!
Fenrir Bit off his hand in a instant!

When the gods knew that Fenrir was fully bound, they took a cord called "Gelgja" which they attached to Gleipnir, then inserted the cord through a large stone slab called "Gjöll"..
The gods then fastened the stone slab deep into the ground. Afterwards, the gods took a great rock called "Thviti" and thrust it even further into the ground as an anchoring peg.

Fenrir reacted violently; he opened his jaws very widely, and tried to bite the gods. He even tried howling for help, but as he did this, the gods took a massive sword and plunged it into the top of his mouth piercing through and pinning his mouth shut so that he could not bite at them or call for help!

Fenrir "howled horribly," saliva ran from his mouth, and this saliva formed the river "Ván"..
Fenrir stared at the gods with pure hatred! He had a look in his eyes that could instantly kill a mortal!

The gods then left Fenrir there, where he would stay until Ragnarök (The end of the world/end of the gods..)

It was later asked why they did not just kill Fenrir there since they expected great malice from him. It was replies that "so greatly did the gods respect their holy places and places of sanctuary that they did not want to defile them with the wolf's blood even though the prophecies say that he will be the death of Odin."

Anyways, when Ragnarök rolls around, Fenrir end up's growing so big that he is able touch the heavens with his upper jaw and have his lower jaw be underneath the earth, and with one swift bite, he could easily bite the earth in two!
With such strength and power, he breaks free from Gleipnir and joins up with others who wage war on the gods..

Fenrir ends up fighting Odin, and kills Odin..

Also I'm not too sure when or where, but Fenrir has two wolf sons named "Sköll" and "Hati"..
During Ragnarök Sköll will eat the sun and Hati will eat the moon.. Plunging the worlds into darkness..

It is said that After Fenrir kills Odin, Odin's son basically gets a sucker punch and kills Fenrir..
In the end, the worlds are reborn a new, free of the gods..

Anyways, when hearing the story, the Norns definitely did foresee the future, but remember they didn't explain how or why this came to pass..
In my opinion, Fenrir was not bad at all, and it was only natural he would be filled with so much hatred and seek revenge..
It was the gods who betrayed him, the gods to were so cruel to him, and because of what they did, it ultimately caused the events to play into motion..

I mean if Fenrir would have continued to get the love he had as a cub, and if they never treated him with such cruelty, wouldn't he have been loyal? After all it is very much in a wolf's character to be loyal.. And so I think there is a very important point to this story.. Don't you?
Plain and simply the most accurate story of the Fenrir Wolf..

I felt that Fenrir's story needed to be told with justice!
And so I have written out the story and have kept it accurate to the Norse Mythology!

Fenrir is known as a Monster, a Evil wolf, and or strictly known via Cloud Strife From Final Fantasy VII Advent Children..
But I hope you as the readers can see the truth about Fenrir, and can come to understand him/about him..
Wolves are definitely not evil creatures, it's thanks to human beings that they have been looked so down upon, and ironic that the strong and most respectful traits about them are ignored..
Within the story as well as the history of wolves, I hope you as the reader can notice how "fear" of something can cause us to portray that specific something as "evil"..
I also would hope that you all will support the protection of wolves and other animals, rather then ignorantly being a part of ridding our world of such a beautiful animal...

Perhaps it is not a wolf who is evil, much like we have been seeing throughout media and mythology, but rather the true evilness is our actions due to fear and ignorance..

This version of the story was written by me.
I've used various Sources of Norse Mythology..
Fenrir belong's to Norse Mythology and in no way am I saying that I have created him, or thought him up..
But Fenrir does live on my back so FTW!! XD
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mgtd333 Featured By Owner May 2, 2013  Hobbyist
watch the movie white fang. it is a movie that shows wolves 4 who they rly r. its rly good u guys would like it
Atanapotnia Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
I loved your retelling of Fenrir's story. If anyone in Midgard had treated a fellow being with such cruelty it would surely have been punished. Odin's tossing away of Loki's children was tantamount to that sort of cruelty yet he thought he was justified and the Aesir agreed with him.
FenrirSleeps Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
guess now I know some more details about fenrir story...I didn't find them on prose edda, but there's lot more documents referring to norse mythology which you surely based I suppose their reliable! :)
MabusTheDark Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
As an Asatruar, I can happily read this admirable retelling of the legend! There are a few minute mistakes, but overall, you have indeed done Fenrisúlfr's legend justice. Now, don't get me wrong, I love wolves. But if a particular wolf is causing a problem, it should be taken care of. It may have been quite cruel how Fenrisúlfr was treated, but it was (mostly) in the best interest for us and the Gods themselves. If you have any other similar works, I would be happy to read them. ^_^
DARKKNIGHTboss Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
wow... this is awesome :D
JillHoffman Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
This is great. I'm currently working on Norse mythology pieces, and stumbled across your page : )
Hafu-Inuyasha Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
Thank you!
Norse Mythology is definitely really interesting.
Definitely let me know when you finish your Norse Mythology pieces, I'll be glad to check them out! ;)
MagicBats Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Whoa.. What an amazing legend! I never figured Wolves would have a legend such as Fenrir, but i'm glad they do! Because this has really fascinated me. I don't think i'll look at Wolves in the same way anymore ~ I'll see them with more pride, more love and trust in them, because they are NOT evil creatures. Wolves are so beautiful and so pure! People everywhere have just been drilled with this stereotype of an evil wolf through years in the film industry, can't they portray Wolves actually as they are? Stunning creatures who fight honourably and feed their families, just like any other animal ~ including humans!

I love this story, especially considering my inner Spirit animal is also a a beautiful wolf with silver eyes and amber tinted fur! His name is Wind! :)

It didn't seem fair to leave Fenrir like that, to become so afraid of him as he grew. :( If the love he was given was still there, Fenrir wouldn't have had to fight against them so brutally! D:
Hafu-Inuyasha Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012
There are many legends which contain wolves in them!
Wolves have existed in mythology for thousands of years in various cultures! Many cultures actually pay huge tributes of respect to wolves or at least consider wolves to be a very sacred...
I'm glad you liked Fenrir's legend so much, and I guess in a sense Fenrir's legend is definitely one of a kind.. He is after all one of the most legendary wolves or famous..
But the problem is too many people hear his story or hear of him, and see past the point of the story, they only see him as a evil monster..

FEAR.. "HUMANS" only hate on wolves and portray them as evil creatures, because they fear them, and when human beings fear something they want to rid the world of it..
IT IS the reason wolves almost were wiped out! Because of disgusting human beings.. Did you know wolves originally existed all over the United States and a little further out, but were shot, poisoned, trapped then killed and exterminated completely out of America? The reasoning behind this was that "humans" felt that wolves were a danger to them their belonging and to nature..

Even though wolves have NEVER been recorded to have EVER attacked a human being before..
When this point is brought up, these shit stain humans claim that wolves are evil and will disrupt the balance of nature..

They actually keep control over nature, they keep the prey in check which balances the place which in turn helps other animals live.. (If anything humans are the ones destroying the balance of our world, and ensuring the doom of other life..)

But still out of fear these worthless humans continue to hunt and kill wolves, they deny truth that wolves are good animals calling the facts of their worth bullshit... It's disgusting..
When the wolves began to reach the endangered species list, a law was put up to protect them from being hunted, and can you guess what? Those same stupid piece of shit humans still hunted them, regardless, and would gladly accept the charges for it..
Now that the wolves have reached a stable number the law protecting them has been taken down, enabling these pieces of crap to hunt the wolves again.. =/
The thing is, wolves still barely exist in the USA, they're all here in Canada, some are trying to make their way back to the USA, but have rough roads ahead of them, because HUMANS continue to stand in their way..

Wolves are depicted to be such evil creatures in media and I'm completely against this! In fact, anyone who looks down upon wolves is someone I am disgusted at..
It's ironic how human beings manage to ignore all the "good" legends and stories of wolves, instead because of their "fear" they only focus on the bad tales..
They have traits that we can only wish humans would share..

Again I'm glad this story was enjoyable to you, and I'm also glad that you seen the true nature behind the story, because of the fear of the gods, they made Fenrir what he was because of their cruelty!
This also reflects human beings, the only difference is, a Wolf has never been recorded to attack a human being, and if they ever do, I would feel it was deserved..
But what I really do hope to have accomplished with telling this story is that it has motivated you to learn more about the wolves and to join in the fight to make people respect/love the wolves rather then fear them..
MagicBats Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Now that's what I like to hear! Wolves being given tribute and seen as the amazing creatures they truly are! But Fenrir wasen't an evil monster was he? He was abused by those who raised him and he refused to stand down to them.

WHAT?! Those poor wolves were salughtered! And for what good reason!? I would LOVE to find them, each and every individual who hurt those innocent wolves and ask them 'Just what the hell have they done to you? Has there EVER actually been a news article in which these incredible creatures are protrayed in this obscene way? Because i tell you, i've never heard a peep out of them.' THey've never been recorded either, you say? Now they're making up easily disprovable excuses.

Humans man.. We're the most evil of all!
You're right! We're totally throwing the natural balance out of whack! We're having an increasing affect on nature's natural foodchain by taking down and hunting the World's most powerful and most significant predators, not to mention using them for freaking entertainment in circuses! >.<

I just don't GET humans! Why must they feel they need to wipe out these wolves? What actual proof or good reason do they have for hunting them? OH! Oh so now we're being blamed for being the good ones now and protecting the wolves? If they were SUCH a horrific nuisance then we'd box them off in their natural habitats because being the good ones, we'd still protect them because they're a prt of theis World :heart: WHAT? THe law is taken down, WHAT THE HELL? You think they'd do the math! Put law up = Wolves are safe. Take law down = Sick bastards are out to get the wolves again. They've gotton themseleves into a continuous loop and it's their own fault.

You're Canadian, Hafu? And there's wolves there?? LET ME COME AND VISIT! :D Maybe I could find Wind!
Most humans just.. disgust me. There's no just reason for hunting these creatures, none at all. Did you know that killing baby seals is considered a sport? WHAT THE FUCK!!

The media can be horrid. I do blame them for giving wolves in particular such a bad name and reputation. Like you said, thhey focus on the bad and let me emphasise, MADE-UP FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT tales. It's not fair. However, I do greatly appreciate the positive abd true tales that try to redeem the good name of the wolves! Although i'm not a big fan of the Twilight saga, it's popularity has spread the the good nature of wolves is being renewed!

That's true! If you ask me, humans are the most disgusting, despicable animals on this earth.
But that doesn't mean i'll ever forget that humans are also incredibly good-hearted and with such a vast amount of power we can make such incredible changes on earth. :)

I loved this story! Now that I think about it, it does reflect the relationship between the modern human and wolf! With the humans being evil.
You're right, a wolf would never attack for no good reason. Unless it was under great threat, because wolves are pack animals and they'll always protect each other. Their bonds are strong and they are loyal to one another, that's something humans will never come to recognise. Actually I know quite a lot about animals in general, I just finished my animal care and management college course. But that was all facts, when you read stories like this it evokes deep feelings and becomes fuel!
I will always love the wolves :heart: :)
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